Since inception, Pharmacloud has worked on a wide variety of consultancy projects for both pharma companies and industry investors in the US, Europe and Asia. The sort of assignments that we undertake include commercial due diligence, market mapping, identification of acquisition targets, market entry strategies, financial modelling and strategic assistance during M&A transactions. To look at some case studies, please click on the links below. If you would like to enquire about a consultancy project, please contact us.

commercial due diligence

In-depth analysis of the likely future sales of a given product or company, taking into consideration pricing and reimbursement in the countries where the product is sold, the competitive landscape (including potential new launches of generic or innovative products with the same indication) and changing therapeutic practice.> Case studies

industry input in m&a transactions

Working with financial investors or larger DD providers to give specific generic industry insights in individual markets or across Europe as a whole. Providing an overlay to more general industry analysis. Helping PE firms to make investment decisions by supporting their internal analysis and preparing presentations for the investment committee.> Case studies

market entry strategies

Analysis of the structure of individual markets (pricing and reimbursement, distribution routes, power and role of wholesalers, pharmacies, doctors and patients) and of the visible and invisible barriers to entry. Consideration of true ex-factory prices vs list prices and hence likely profitability. Recommendations of organic or inorganic entry routes.> Case studies

market mapping

Analysing specific geographic or other markets (therapies, formulations) to identify the major players and hence companies that might make interesting partners or acquisition targets. Building financial models to allow companies to assess the likely ROI from specific product launches, for instance biosimilars.> Case studies