Pharmacloud’s founder, Frances Cloud, spent more than 20 years as a pharmaceutical industry analyst, with a particular focus on generics. At present, Pharmacloud’s research output consists mainly of an industry blog, which is sent to 200+ pharma executives worldwide and comes out on an ad-hoc basis. The blog is focused on generics but ranges broadly, encompassing individual company strategies, macro trends affecting the industry and commentary on events such as M&A transactions. As the line between generic companies and innovators becomes increasingly blurred, so our blog has expanded its horizons to take in brands and value-added generics and to consider the extent to which it is possible to diversify a generic business and still compete effectively.

To subscribe to our blog, please click here. On average, we put out about one comment a month, so your inbox will not be swamped. This is not a news reporting service, of which there are many good ones available. The aim is to provide intelligent commentary and honest opinions.

During 2015, we intend to expand our output by publishing longer pieces of research on topics of particular interest. These will automatically be mailed to our blog subscribers and will also be posted on our website. Feedback on these (as well as suggestions for topics) is welcome.

Bespoke research

Pharmacloud also provides bespoke research for clients. Should you be interested in commissioning a report on a particular country, therapeutic area or product type.

Please contact us for a quote.